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Kaffir Lime from the citrus family is usually found in Southeast Asia. My mum loves gardening and she has this plant growing in her garden.

About The Plant

In Malaysia, Kaffir Lime is known as Limau Purut. The leaves are usually used in a few cuisine namely Tom Yum (a Thai originated dish) and Rendang (a spicy meat dish). The leaves add fragrance and flavour to the dish

The skin of the lime is rough and green. It will turn yellow when it is very ripe. It is easily differentiated from the other limes because of its bumpy exterior.

The Kaffir Lime are often sold in florist shops. Some believe that to get rid of bad luck, one had to bathe with flowers and slices of the lime.

The Benefits Of The Kaffir Lime

  1. Clears dandruff and soothes itchy scalp – All you have to do is slice the fruit into half and rub it on your scalp. Leave it to dry for a while then wash your hair. Repeat once a week. Your hair would also smell fresh.
  2. Softens Dry Skin – The lime juice acts as a natural moisturizer. Cut the lime into half and rub it on your skin especially around your knees and elbows. It helps to get rid of those scaly skin.
  3. Insect Repellent – Maybe due to its strong fragrance, the fruit can act as a natural repellent. Just rub it on your skin as a moisturizer and the bugs would stay away from biting you.
  4. Reduces Stress – The fragrance from this lime is a great source of aromatherapy. It helps to calm the mind and body.

Here are some pictures of the Kaffir Lime plant.

lime buds
The buds
Kaffir Lime Flowers
The Flowers
tiny limes
The tiny limes
Kaffir Lime Fruits
The bunch of Kaffir Limes
kaffir lime leaves
The leaves

What are your thoughts about the Kaffir Lime? Have you tasted any cuisine using with its leaves in it? Or do you know other benefits of its leaves and lime?

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