The Woman In White part 1

It was Rina’s first day as a trainee nurse in ward 1A. Amelia, her cousin who is also a senior nurse at the hospital, had warned her about the supernatural sightings in that ward.

“There is no such thing as a Pontianak.” Rina laughed. All her life she never believed that the supernatural world actually existed.

Just as Amelia was about to say something, someone called her name. It was Dr Remy, a psychologist at the hospital.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Amelia whispered to Rina then hurriedly walked towards Dr Remy.

Rina smiled. She can’t believe how such an experienced and well-trained
nurse like Amelia could still believe in ghosts.

Rina felt excited to begin her first day in a maternity ward. Since her school days, she had always wanted to be a nurse in charge of the maternity department. She loves babies and believes it is always a joy to see a new life being brought into the world.

She took the stairs up to the first floor. Her shift for that day was supposed to start at 8:00 pm. Rina glance at her watch. 7:30 sharp. That means she still had time to go to the washroom before she reports for duty.

She looked at the mirror to make sure that her hair was in place. Amelia had earlier mentioned to her that Madam Jean, the head nurse of ward 1A is very particular about the image of the nurses in her team. Every nurse must look neat and presentable in their white uniform.

For a second Rina thought that she heard someone cry in pain. Facing the mirror she looked at every cubicle door behind her, all the doors were wide open which means there was no one inside.


Rina breathe a sigh of relief. It must be coming from the ward nearby. Someone must be in labour, she thought.

Just as she bend down to tie her shoe lace, a door behind her slammed. Rina almost jumped with fright. She turned around and saw one of the cubicle door tightly shut.

Rina wondered why did she not notice anyone walk in. But quickly dismissed that thought. She washed her hands hurriedly and was about to leave but once again she heard someone crying in pain. This time much louder.

She stopped and listened. The cries were clearly coming from the cubicle that was shut. Thinking that a woman might be in labour, she rushed to the cubicle and started knocking at the door.

“Are you alright in there? I am a nurse. I can help you.”

Just then Rina heard the cries of a newborn. Instantly she thought that the woman had delivered her child in the cubicle. Being a trained nurse, she knew she had to find a way to help the woman. She tried opening the door but it was tightly shut.

She looked around the washroom, searching for something that could help her to open the door. Her eyes caught sight of a white plastic chair at the corner. Rina decided to use it to climb up and see if she could get into the cubicle.

Just as she was about to step on the chair, the lights went off. The washroom was in complete darkness. Rina had to feel her way to the washroom sink. She had left her handbag there. She needed her mobile phone to see her way around.

Her hand touched something soft. Thinking that it was her handbag, Rina grabbed hold of it. Only then she realised that she was holding something warm, wet and slimy.

She tried holding it closer to her eyes to see what it was. But she could see nothing. Instead, the smell of rotting meat and blood filled her nostrils. Rina dropped whatever that was in her hand.

Suddenly the lights came on. Rina looked at the floor. She was shocked to see a baby covered with blood right in front of her. The baby looked disfigured. Rina looked at both her hands. Blood was still dripping from it.

Pontianak The Woman In White

Rina’s whole body started to tremble. She screamed hysterically. Then she heard soft cries coming from behind her. She glanced at the mirror. There was a woman dressed in white standing exactly behind her. She had long black hair that almost covered half of her face. She was staring angrily at Rina.

Instantly Rina remembered what Amelia had warned her. She tried to scream for help but her voice couldn’t be heard. Then the lights went off again.

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I am a fan of paranormal stories and movies but I have never tried writing my own. This is my first try. So I apologise if it bored you. Anyway the comment section is open for critics and positive comment.

The Woman In White

NOTE:A Pontianak is a spirit of a woman who died while pregnant or with a stillborn child. Pontianak is usually described as pale-skinned woman with long black hair, red blood eyes and wears a white dress smeared in blood.

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