The Woman In White part 1

The Woman In White – Part 1

Rina opened her eyes slowly and looked around. She was sitting alone under a very old tree. It had roots hanging down from above. Rina looked confused. All around her seems so unfamiliar. She wondered where she was.

Rina thought that she might be dreaming. She rubbed both her eyes and even pinched herself. Again she looked around. Rina felt scared and was in tears.

The Woman In White - Part 2

She tried to recall what had happened to her. She had flashbacks of her short conversation with Amelia at the hospital. She remembered walking to the toilet shortly after but then her mind went blank.

Rina started crying out for help. But she could only hear the echoes of her own voice. She looked up at the sky. It was getting dark. She knew that if she wanted to get out of there, she got to find her own way out.

Thinking that there might be wild animals about, gave her the shivers. Again Rina started calling out for help. This time she shouted much louder. But all she heard in return were deathly silence.

Rina decided to walk around to find a way out. After walking for sometime, she heard the sound of footsteps heading towards her. Thinking that it was someone from a nearby village or something, Rina started calling out for help. But to her despair, no one responded.

Rina knew that was her only chance to get help, so with all the strength that she had left within her, Rina started running and shouting. Help! Help! Can you hear me?

Suddenly something grabbed her left leg. Rina tripped and fell and hurt her ankle. She moaned in pain. She tried to stand up but her ankle was hurting badly. She had no choice but to sit for a while and forget her chance to get help from whoever it was that she heard walking just now.

In a flash, her eyes caught sight of a piece of white cloth sticking out of the ground. Curiosity got the most of her. She dragged herself nearer to it to take a closer look at what it was.

Then using her bare hands, Rina started digging. The soil was damp so it was easier for her to dig. A moment later, her right hand caught hold of something. Rina pulled it out hard and got a shocked to see what looks like parts and pieces of a skeleton. Rina screamed and screamed.

The Woman In White Skeleton

Then all of a sudden, she felt someone tapping her shoulder and calling out her name. Rina started to tremble and shut her eyes tightly. Too afraid to turn around.

The Woman In White – Part 3

It took me longer than I expected to complete part 2. So for those of you that were waiting to continue reading, I am sorry to keep you waiting. But I do hope you enjoyed reading this. And as the same as part 1, the comment section are open for critics and positive comment. I can now breathe a sigh of relief and start typing part 3.

The Woman In White - Part 2
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