The Woman In White part 1

The Woman In White – Part 2

Rina was finally discharged after spending about seven days in the hospital. She was treated for a minor concussion. She also suffered a sprained ankle and had a few cuts and bruises on her hands and knees.

“Are you sure she is ok?” Madam Jean asked Doctor Julia while watching Rina being wheeled out of the ward by Amelia.

“Give her a few days to rest at home. Then I will ask Dr Remy to have a chat with her.” Dr Julia replied.

“Are you saying she’s crazy?” Madam Jean looked shocked

“Definitely not… But… ” Dr Julia paused and look around before finishing her sentence. “There is something mysterious about it.”

Madam Jean nodded. She wouldn’t have agreed if it wasn’t her that found Rina screaming. Madam Jean was on her way to the maternity ward that day and took a look in the toilet when she heard someone screaming.

When she stepped into the toilet, she saw Rina pulling out a plastic pipe from under one of the sink. Her uniform trousers were covered with black soil and the whole toilet smelled like rotting meat.

hinking of that incident gives Madam Jean the shivers. She wished there was a CCTV in the toilet to see what really did happen to Rina that night.

“Have you spoken to her about the incident?” Dr Julia asked. Breaking the sudden silence between them.

“I spoke to her yesterday. She told me about the woman in white and the dead infant in the toilet.”

“What else?”

Madam Jean took a deep breath before explaining further. ” She got scared and must have passed out. But then she said that she woke up alone in the jungle. She tripped and fell and found a skeleton buried under ground.

“Must be hallucinating due to the concussion.”

“True but then how do you explained her cuts and bruises and trousers covered with black earth?”

Once again both women were silent. Lost for an answer, blanked for an explanation.

Back home, Rina stared at her laptop. For the past three years, she has been blogging daily about her life adventure as a student nurse. She wondered if she should share about the trauma that she has experienced a week ago.

Since that day she has been trying to speak to someone. Hoping that someone would listened to her. Wishing that someone could shed some light on her frightening experience.

But most of them that heard her story just brushed it aside as hallucinations due to the concussion. While some thought that she was possessed, there were also gossips that she was doing drugs.

Rina wondered what would her blog audience say about the tragedy that had befallen her? Would they judge her negatively like everyone else around her.

The flashbacks of the incident kept appearing in her mind. Rina wished she could just erase all those frightening memories and never think about it ever again. But the more she tried to forget it, the more it kept appearing in her dreams and there were times when she was disturbed even while she was wide awake.

Rina knew that she needed to find a way to solve her mysterious sightings. She hoped that there are people out there that could help her find answers to all the questions that is burdening her mind.

The Woman In White - Part 3

Finally, after weighing all the pros and cons, Rina switched on her laptop and poured it all out in her blog. She even shared about the nightmares she had been getting for the past week. Scary dreams of a woman dressed in white. The woman kept calling out to her for help and in each dream the woman kept getting uglier and angrier.

Somehow Rina could feel there is a connection between her nightmares and the scary sightings that she has gone through. She just couldn’t understand why she has to go through all of this just as she was about to begin her dream job.

After typing out everything that she wants to say, Rina clicked on the publish button. Then she switched off her laptop and went to bed. She had been feeling very tired lately. Her sleep are always disturbed by the appearance of the lady in white.

Just as Rina was dozing off, her mobile phone beeped notifying her of a message received. Thinking that it might be an important text, Rina force herself to wake up and check.

Hello Rina, I can communicate with the supernatural world. I want to help you. Meet me tonight at the park behind the hospital. I will be there at 11 pm. SK xxx

Rina looked at her phone puzzled. Who is SK? How did that person get her phone number? Should she go and meet a stranger at night?

The Woman in White – Part 4

I am glad The Woman In White – part 3 is finally completed and now I can start preparing for part 4.

If you were Rina, would you go and meet SK?

The Woman In White  part 3
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