The Woman In White part 1

The Woman In White – Part 3

Rina glanced at her watch. It was almost 11:20 pm. Realising that she was already late, she walked hurriedly towards the park at the back of the hospital. She thanked God that the place was brightly lit.

Rina looked around searching for SK, the stranger that she was supposed to meet. Her eyes scaled every corner of the park. Suddenly she caught sight of a guy wearing a medical assistant’s uniform. He was sitting on a bench at the far corner of the park.

The Woman In White - Part 4

Rina breathed a sigh of relief. If that was SK, then there is nothing for her to worry about. Now she understands why that stranger wanted to meet her behind the hospital. He must have just completed his afternoon shift, Rina thought. She was glad that he wasn’t a killer or a rapist as what she imagined him to be after receiving his message.

She walked towards the guy that seemed lost in thought. He was staring at the ground. He didn’t even noticed that she was standing in front of him. She took a glimpse of his name tag.

Shah Kamil!

The guy looked up after hearing his name being mentioned quite loudly. He smiled at Rina.

Rina apologised to him for being late. She then took a seat beside him.

“You have something that attracts the unseen. She knows you will be able to help her.” SK finally spoke, breaking the silence between them.

“She has been following you since day one. I saw her walking behind you on your first day of work. I am sorry. I should have helped you then.” SK continued.

“Whoa… slow down. What are you talking about? She? Who is she?” Rina sounded shocked and stood up at once. She did come to meet SK in search of the truth. But sitting there and listening to him is giving her goosebumps.

“The Woman In White. She is standing next to you.” SK pointed to the left side of Rina.

Rina went paled. Flashbacks of the woman in white staring angrily at her replayed in her mind. She wondered if the woman in white wants to revenge her for dropping her baby.

“Is she going to kill me?”

There were tremors in Rina’s voice. Though she couldn’t see the woman in white standing beside her, she could feel that there is something after her since that ill fated day.

It took SK almost an hour to convinced Rina that the woman in white was not going to harm or kill her. She was following Rina for a reason.

“What reason?” Rina asked worriedly

“Because you offered to help her.”

“No, I didn’t.” Rina denied

“You can break a promise with a human but you will never be left alone if you made a promise to a …”

“Stop it. You are frightening me.” Rina wasn’t ready to hear what SK was going to say. She was panicking and was almost in tears.

Again she had a flashback about the incident in the toilet. Yes, she did offer the woman for help but at that time she thought that was a woman in labour. She wasn’t offering help to the woman in white. She would never make a promise with an evil being.

“I am here to help you. I will not allow anything bad to happen to you.” SK tried to calm Rina down. She was sobbing uncontrollably and he felt sorry for her.

SK put his arms around Rina and tried to comfort her. He wanted to make her feel safe. He knew there was no way the woman in white would leave Rina until she keeps her promise and helps her.

Rina did not break free from SK’s embrace. After days of trauma and sleepless nights, she suddenly felt safe in his arms. She did not want him to let her go.

“We will get rid of her together.” SK whispered.

Then suddenly Rina heard someone calling out her name. She looked in the direction of the voice. A middle-aged lady was walking towards them. She had a walking stick in her left hand. In her right hand, she was holding something that looked like a chain of beads.

“Rina, we better leave now.” The middle-aged lady said sternly.

“Mak Uda, what are you doing here?” Rina looked shocked. How did her landlady know she was here. She hasn’t told anyone that she was meeting SK.

Mak Uda didn’t answer Rina’s question. Instead she grabbed on to Rina’s left arm and instructed her to go home.

Rina turned around to speak to SK but he wasn’t there. She looked all around her but there was no one near. Where did he go, Rina wondered.

-to be continued-

Why did SK suddenly disappear? Do you think Rina should trust SK?

I am sorry that The Woman In White – Part 4 took almost 2 weeks to be completed. For the past couple of weeks, I had been so busy until I didn’t have that much time to sit and write.

Anyway I would like to thank all of you that waited patiently for Part 4. Thank you for all the feedback from Part 1 -3. All those lovely comments keeps me motivated to continue writing.

Paranormal Series - The Woman In White

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